Green area use case

In this section scripts for "Green area calculation" use case are prepared. Grean area (or greendex) is an estimation of how green the area around a property is.

Calculation description

To obtain the green area value, two important components need to be calculated:

  • A: Area of the zone of interest (defined by the radius)
  • B: Area of green spaces

Then: Green area percentage = (B / A) x 100


Three scripts have been prepared for this use case in cases folder:

  • - simplified version of the calculations. Only OpenStreetMap data is used to obtain geometries of green areas
  • - advanced version of the calculations. In addition to OpenStreetMap data Landast NDVI images is used to obtain geometries of green areas
  • - launch simple version of the calculations for several locations to obtain scale. Results of benchmark script can be visualized as follows: